FC2 CPP-LC-P-LC-P-DS-GD-PVC_17_2_21_24_26_29

Product SpecificationsInsertion loss PC<0.3db,upc<0.2db, apc<0.2dbReturn loss PC<0.3db,upc<0.2db, apc<0.2dbStorage temperature -40~85frequency of usage >1000Meet fire-retardant IEC60332-3C standardMeet non- corrosive gas emission IEC 60754-2 standardMeet LSZH emission IEC 61034- ...Read more
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Product Specifications
Insertion loss PC<0.3db,upc<0.2db, apc<0.2db
Return loss PC<0.3db,upc<0.2db, apc<0.2db
Storage temperature -40~85
frequency of usage >1000
Meet fire-retardant IEC60332-3C standard
Meet non- corrosive gas emission IEC 60754-2 standard
Meet LSZH emission IEC 61034-2 standard
Fiber optic patch cords are used for linking equipment and components in the fiber optic network.
Equipment includes test equipment, optical fiber distribution frame (ODF) and other peripheral equipment
Component is mainly optical transceivers
Available in local area network, telecommunication network, test equipment, FTTH fields
Available in connection between ODF and fiber
Available in connection between ODF and peripheral equipment




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